Forklift Sales Botswana is the official dealer and distributor for Toyota and BT forklifts in Botswana. They offer their forklifts for hire, rental, or sale, and are known for their flexibility in arranging deals that match their customers’ requirements.

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Electric Forklifts

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Forklift Service

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Forklift Tyres

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New & Used Forklifts

At Forklift Sales Botswana, we offer a comprehensive range of new and used forklifts, both internal combustion and electric. Our new forklifts are sourced directly from Toyota and BT, two of the leading manufacturers in the industry, ensuring the highest quality standards and the latest technological advancements.


We also offer used forklifts that have been thoroughly inspected and serviced by our team of experienced mechanics to ensure they meet our rigorous quality standards. Our internal combustion forklifts are ideal for outdoor use and come in diesel and LPG models, with maximum load capacities up to 8 tonnes and lifting heights up to 7 meters. On the other hand, our electric forklifts are perfect for indoor use, offering quiet operation, zero emissions, and energy efficiency, with load capacities up to 5 tonnes and lifting heights up to 7 meters.

“Their team of trained mechanics and dedicated servicing bays ensure that forklifts are well-maintained and repaired in a timely manner. Additionally, they have a high level of customer service and offer flexible deals that cater to the specific needs of their clients.”


Need to book a service?

If your forklift is due for a service, don’t hesitate to book one with Forklift Sales Botswana. Our dedicated team of experienced mechanics will ensure that your forklift is thoroughly inspected, serviced, and maintained to the highest standards, keeping it in optimal condition and minimizing downtime.