Multidirectional Reach Truck


The Toyota Multidirectional Reach Truck FRE270 is designed to handle long and bulky loads with ease in narrow aisles. It is a versatile forklift that can move in any direction, making it perfect for warehouses and distribution centres where space is limited.

The FRE270 has a high lift capacity of up to 2,700 kg and can reach heights of up to 11.6 meters, allowing for efficient stacking of goods.


ModelMax. lifting capacity (kg)Max. lifting height (m)Max. battery cap (Ah)Max. travel speed (km/h)View PDF
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MORE ABOUT THE Multidirectional Reach Truck – FRE270

The operator’s compartment is ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use, with adjustable seat and steering column. The forklift features a high-resolution color display that provides the operator with real-time information on the status of the forklift, including battery level and performance. The AC drive motor provides smooth and precise control, making it easy for the operator to maneuver the forklift in tight spaces.

Safety features are also a top priority in the design of the FRE270. It features a mast locking system that ensures stability during lifting and lowering of loads, preventing accidents caused by tipping over. The forklift also has an automatic speed reduction system that slows down the forklift when cornering or turning to prevent accidents.

The FRE270 also comes with Toyota’s advanced SAS (System of Active Stability) technology, which enhances safety and productivity by monitoring the forklift’s operation and automatically taking action to prevent accidents. The SAS technology includes features such as mast forward tilt control, swing lock cylinder control, and active mast control, which all work together to ensure safe and efficient operation of the forklift.

Overall, the Toyota Multidirectional Reach Truck FRE270 is a high-performance forklift that is perfect for handling long and bulky loads in narrow aisles. It provides excellent maneuverability, comfort, and safety features that make it an ideal choice for any warehouse or distribution center.