Engine Powered Forklift – 8FG/8FG

The Toyota Engine Powered Forklift 8FG/8FD is a reliable and durable forklift designed for heavy-duty operations in demanding environments.

It is powered by a Toyota engine that delivers exceptional power and performance, allowing it to lift heavy loads with ease.


ModelEngine ModelOverall WidthTurning Radius (mm)Overhead Guard Height (mm)View PDF
8FD18Gasoline/Diesel1.0702.0102.080Forklift Sales Acrobat Icon Small-
8FD25Gasoline/Diesel1.1552.0902.085Forklift Sales Acrobat Icon Small-
8FD35Gasoline/Diesel1.3502.6102.210Forklift Sales Acrobat Icon Small-
8FD40Gasoline/Diesel1.3502.6602.210Forklift Sales Acrobat Icon Small-
8FD45Gasoline/Diesel1.4502.7502.300Forklift Sales Acrobat Icon Small-
8FD50Diesel1.4502.8102.300Forklift Sales Acrobat Icon Small-
8FD70Diesel1.9653.2302.310Forklift Sales Acrobat Icon Small-

MORE ABOUT THE Engine Powered Forklift – 8FG/8FG

The 8FG/8FD forklift features advanced technology and safety features, including Toyota’s System of Active Stability (SAS), which helps reduce the risk of accidents and improves operator productivity. The SAS system includes features such as active mast control, automatic fork leveling, and speed reduction when cornering.

In addition, the forklift has a spacious and ergonomic operator compartment that enhances operator comfort and reduces operator fatigue. The compartment also features an adjustable seat, tilt steering, and an intuitive instrument panel for easy operation.

The 8FG/8FD forklift is available in various lift capacities and configurations to suit different application needs. It also has a low cost of ownership and is backed by Toyota’s industry-leading warranty and service support, ensuring maximum uptime and productivity.

Overall, the Toyota Engine Powered Forklift 8FG/8FD is a reliable and efficient forklift that is ideal for heavy-duty operations in a variety of industries.