BT Pallet Jack’s

BT Pallet Jacks are known for their robust design and easy manoeuvrability, making them a reliable choice for material handling operations. The lifetime guarantee offered by BT provides customers with peace of mind and is a testament to the durability and quality of the product. The powder coating and robot welding process ensures a high-quality finish, while the angled polymer handle provides an ergonomic grip for the operator.



BT pallet jacks are equipped with a lowering control valve that enables smooth and controlled lowering, reducing the risk of damage to goods. The powerful thrust bearing is standard, allowing for easier steering and enhanced durability, while greasable bushings ensure long service life. The quick lift and overload features can be combined, providing increased efficiency in material handling.

BT is committed to sustainability, and their pallet jacks are certified to ISO 14020, type II, carrying the Toyota Industries Corporation’s ECO label. Additionally, customized configurations are available to meet the specific needs of customers.

Overall, BT Pallet Jacks are a reliable and durable solution for material handling operations, offering a lifetime guarantee and customizable configurations to meet the needs of any operation.