Platform Powered Pallet Truck – LPE200 / LPE250

The Toyota Platform Powered Pallet Truck, available in LPE200 and LPE250 models, offers efficient and effortless material handling in a variety of industrial applications.

These trucks are designed for exceptional maneuverability in tight spaces and feature a low profile chassis for easy pallet entry and exit.


ModelMax. lifting capacity (kg)Max. battery cap (Ah)Max. travel speed (km/h)View PDF
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MORE ABOUT THE Platform Powered Pallet Truck – LPE200 / LPE250

With a load capacity of up to 2.5 tonnes, the LPE200 and LPE250 are equipped with a powerful AC drive system that provides smooth acceleration, precise control and high travel speeds of up to 12.5 km/h. The trucks also come with a regenerative braking system that extends battery life and reduces maintenance costs.

The operator compartment is designed for optimal comfort and safety, featuring an adjustable steering wheel, cushioned seat, and easy-to-use controls. The trucks also come equipped with Toyota’s System of Active Stability (SAS) which includes features such as active mast function control, automatic fork leveling and mast front tilt angle control, providing increased stability and safety during operation.

The LPE200 and LPE250 are also designed for easy maintenance and serviceability, with an easy-access battery compartment and a simplified wiring system. The trucks come with Toyota’s proprietary diagnostic system that allows for quick and easy troubleshooting and minimizes downtime.

In summary, the Toyota Platform Powered Pallet Truck provides reliable and efficient material handling with its high load capacity, powerful AC drive system, maneuverability, and safety features. Its ergonomic design and ease of maintenance make it a valuable addition to any industrial setting.