Pedestrian Power Pallet Truck LWE200 / LWE250

The Toyota Pedestrian Power Pallet Truck LWE200/LWE250 is a reliable and versatile solution for all your material handling needs. This compact and maneuverable pallet truck is designed for easy operation and is suitable for a wide range of applications, including loading and unloading trucks, transporting goods across short distances, and handling pallets in warehouses and distribution centers.


ModelMax. lifting capacity (kg)Max. battery cap (Ah)Max. travel speed (km/h)View PDF
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LWE25025003006Forklift Sales Acrobat Icon Small-


The LWE200/LWE250 is equipped with a powerful and efficient AC drive motor that provides smooth acceleration and excellent traction. The high-capacity battery delivers long operating times and can be charged quickly, allowing for minimal downtime. The pallet truck also features a built-in charger, making it easy to charge the battery at any time, even during operation.

In terms of safety, the LWE200/LWE250 is equipped with Toyota’s System of Active Stability (SAS), which is a patented safety system designed to enhance the stability and safety of the pallet truck. SAS automatically detects and minimizes the risk of tipping, providing operators with peace of mind and a safer working environment.

The LWE200/LWE250 also features a number of other safety features, including an emergency stop button, a belly button, and an automatic parking brake. The truck’s low center of gravity and excellent stability also contribute to its safety, making it a reliable and safe choice for any material handling task.

Overall, the Toyota Pedestrian Power Pallet Truck LWE200/LWE250 is an excellent choice for any business that requires a reliable, efficient, and safe pallet truck for material handling tasks. Its compact size, excellent maneuverability, and high-capacity battery make it a versatile solution for a wide range of applications, while its safety features and easy maintenance ensure that it provides reliable and long-lasting performance.