Low-level Order Picker


The BT Levio OSE120CB low-level order picker is designed to help operators quickly and efficiently pick orders from ground-level and lower-level locations. With a maximum lift height of 1200mm, this order picker can be used in a variety of applications, from small warehouses to large distribution centers.


ModelMax. lifting capacity (kg)Max. lifting height (m)Max. battery cap (Ah)Max. travel speed (km/h)View PDF
OSE120CB12004.151.7512Forklift Sales Acrobat Icon Small-

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One of the standout features of the OSE120CB is its adjustable forks, which can be easily adjusted to accommodate a range of load sizes. This means that operators can pick multiple items at once, saving time and reducing the number of trips required to complete an order. Additionally, the OSE120CB has a load capacity of up to 1200kg, making it capable of handling even heavy loads.

The OSE120CB is also designed with operator comfort and safety in mind. The low step height and spacious operator platform make it easy for operators to get on and off the truck, while the padded backrest and adjustable steering column provide a comfortable working environment. Safety features include a safety light curtain that protects the operator while the forks are raised, and a safety switch that prevents the truck from moving when the operator is not on the platform.

In terms of performance, the OSE120CB is equipped with a powerful AC drive motor that provides smooth and efficient acceleration, even when the truck is fully loaded. The regenerative braking system helps to extend battery life, while the optional cold store package allows the truck to operate in temperatures as low as -30°C.

Overall, the BT Levio OSE120CB low-level order picker is a reliable and versatile truck that can help operators improve efficiency and productivity in a variety of applications. Its adjustable forks, high load capacity, and comfortable operator environment make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to streamline their order picking processes.