We provide flexible short-term forklift rental solutions designed to meet your specific requirements:

Daily, weekly, or monthly rentals: Depending on your needs, we offer competitive options for rentals in Botswana and pride ourselves on our excellent after-sales service.

Building life-long partnerships: Our dedicated sales and after-sales team is passionate about delivering excellent service and establishing long-term relationships with each customer.

Large fleet of forklifts for hire:

We have a diverse range of forklift rental options to choose from, including Toyota counter-balance forklifts and Toyota/BT warehousing equipment. Whether you need a forklift for general use, reach truck operations, power pallet truck tasks, or stacking applications, we have you covered.

Wide selection of diesel and electric forklifts:

Our rental fleet includes a variety of diesel and electric forklifts to cater to different needs. Diesel forklifts range from 1.8t to 12t, electric forklifts range from 1.3t to 3.5t, and reach trucks range from 1.4t to 2t. We take pride in offering a 7T (ton) forklift for rent, making us the only company in Botswana to provide this option. Additionally, our flatbeds and Rollback Trucks enable us to easily deliver and transport the rented forklifts across the country.

Rental vs. Purchase:

While we offer various payment options for purchasing our forklifts and warehousing equipment outright, we believe in offering you the advantages of renting. By choosing our rental option, you can avoid the risks associated with equipment ownership, such as obsolescence and equipment disposal. Instead, you can utilize your funds for appreciating investments and preserve your credit facilities for unforeseen working capital requirements.

Comprehensive fleet management:

As your one-stop solution, Forklift Sales Botswana, in partnership with Toyota Forklift, can monitor and manage your entire fleet, ensuring optimal utilization, maintenance, and productivity. This allows you to focus on your core business activities with peace of mind.

Maximum flexibility and tailored packages:

We understand that business needs evolve, which is why we offer maximum flexibility. Whether you require fleet upgrades to align with changing application requirements or additional equipment to handle seasonal peaks in activity, we can accommodate your needs. Our rental packages are tailored to suit your financial requirements, with flexible payment terms and periods. They also include service or maintenance agreements to guarantee maximum uptime.

At Forklift Sales Botswana, we are committed to providing you with comprehensive and customized rental solutions that meet your operational and financial goals. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and benefit from our flexible options and outstanding service.