Efficient First and Second Level Picking

OSE100 / OSE100W

The BT Optio OSE100 and OSE100W are efficient low-level order pickers, designed to provide first and second level picking in warehouses and distribution centers. These trucks are equipped with advanced technology and features, enabling operators to work quickly and safely to fulfill customer orders.


ModelMax. lifting capacity (kg)Max. lifting height (m)Max. battery cap (Ah)Max. travel speed (km/h)View PDF
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OSE100W10001.102.812Forklift Sales Acrobat Icon Small-

MORE ABOUT THE Efficient First and Second Level Picking – OSE100 / OSE100W

One of the most notable features of the OSE100 and OSE100W is their compact design, which allows them to operate in narrow aisles and tight spaces. The OSE100 has a turning radius of just 1485mm, while the OSE100W can turn in an even tighter space, with a turning radius of just 1330mm. This makes them ideal for use in busy warehouses where space is at a premium.

Both the OSE100 and OSE100W have a maximum lift height of 2.8 meters, and are capable of lifting loads up to 1000kg. They feature an ergonomic operator compartment with an adjustable steering wheel and control panel, ensuring operators can work comfortably and efficiently throughout their shift.

The trucks are equipped with BT’s patented OptiSpeed technology, which allows operators to adjust the travel speed to match the specific requirements of the task at hand. This means they can move quickly between picking locations, while also being able to slow down when necessary to handle delicate or fragile products.


The OSE100 and OSE100W also come with a range of safety features to protect operators and other employees in the warehouse. These include an automatic speed reduction system when cornering, anti-roll-back protection on inclines, and a safety sensor that stops the truck when the operator leaves the compartment.

Maintenance is also made easy with the OSE100 and OSE100W, thanks to their easy-to-access components and modular design. This enables quick and efficient servicing, minimizing downtime and keeping productivity levels high.